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Financial services firms face a significant challenge in today's digital-first landscape: achieving enterprise-level IT capabilities without the corresponding budget. Managed fintech software development services emerge as an ideal solution, offering access to advanced engineering capabilities without the high costs and complexities of in-house development.

By partnering with specialized providers, financial organizations can avoid the drawbacks typically associated with managing IT projects internally or through vendors. This approach improves operational efficiency, scalability, and innovation potential.

Coreium, with its extensive experience in developing banking software for large companies, is ready to turn IT from an obstacle into a driver of growth for financial services firms.

Our offerings

At the core of our expertise, we excel in creating bespoke FinTech software solutions intricately designed to align with your specific business needs, significantly elevating performance, efficiency, and customer engagement. Our approach emphasizes delivering high-quality solutions characterized by meticulous customization, seamless integration, and scalable frameworks. This dedication allows you to concentrate on refining your business strategy, secure in the knowledge that the technological foundation of your operations is robust and forward-thinking.

We excel in crafting Web and Mobile Applications, specifically designed for the fintech sector. We ensure scalable, secure, and intuitive solutions, managing the development process from start to finish. Our commitment to innovation and user engagement helps your business stand out, delivering exceptional value and experiences to your customers.

Coreium's Performance and Reliability Engineering Services ensure your mission-critical applications are optimized for peak performance, reliability, and scalability. By scrutinizing application architecture, code, integration, database design, deployment model, and configurations, we guarantee high-performing and resilient systems. Trust Coreium to elevate your enterprise's operational efficiency and reliability to new heights.

Our services specialize in API integrations, seamlessly connecting your fintech solutions with key systems in the banking and finance sector, including core banking, payment gateways, AML, and eKYC. We ensure secure, efficient, and smooth integration processes to boost your application's functionality and user experience. This strategic connectivity empowers your business to enhance offerings, improve efficiency, and stay competitive in the fintech landscape.

With our expertise in cloud solutions we develop and deploy scalable fintech solutions that enhance flexibility and efficiency. Our offering includes building robust cloud architectures, migrating legacy systems seamlessly, and ensuring top-notch security on cloud platforms. By providing enhanced security and compliance features, leveraging the latest in encryption and data protection we enable your business to thrive in the digital age with cutting-edge cloud technology.

Our Approach
and value added Services.

Our customized approach is specifically tailored for fintech-centric customers, adapting our deep fintech expertise to meet the unique challenges and needs of each client. Through innovative solutions and strategic insights, we ensure that our deliverables drive substantial growth and address the specific nuances of the financial technology sector. Our approach, finely tuned for fintech, begins with understanding your unique challenges, then crafting a strategic plan, and concludes with precise execution, delivering impactful, growth-driving solutions.



Information Gathering

Detailed understanding of the current
state and future requirements.




Deep dive into each of the identified work
streams to find potential solutions.



Solution / Strategy

Recommend options with their pros and
cons against the defined criteria.




Provide necessary oversight and support
to implement the selected option.

Requirements Analysis & Consultation

Continuous Support & Maintenance

Scalability Planning & Implementation

Security by Design

Project Management & Reporting

Quality Assurance & Testing

Documentation & Knowledge Transfer

Why Choose Us

  • Cost Efficiency

    Our commitment to cost efficiency allows us to cut our clients' expenses by as much as 25%. Your technology investment with us will not only elevate your capabilities but will also significantly enhance your financial outcomes.

  • Fintech Specialists

    Uniquely Positioned as the Singular Provider of Dedicated FinTech Development Services, we exclusively cater to the unique needs of Financial Services Firms.

  • Niche Specific Tools & Frameworks

    Utilizing specialized tools and frameworks specific to the fintech sector, we craft your custom solutions with remarkable efficiency. This approach enables us to outpace the market average, delivering your projects 30% faster.

  • Team Expertise

    Each member of our team specializes in a distinct sphere within fintech solutions and boasts experience in managing multi-million-dollar application portfolios. This significantly enhances the quality, speed, and efficiency of our solutions.

  • Global Presence

    Operating from three strategic locations – India, Malaysia, and Singapore – enhances our ability to deliver global solutions with localized insights. This combined with our team's flexibility and fluidity, enables us to respond swiftly to the evolving needs of the fintech sector.

Our Expertise

Our team boasts a profound domain expertise and a deep understanding of the fintech landscape, developed over decades of hands-on experience. We have navigated the complexities of Core banking, Remittance solutions, regulatory technologies, and innovative payment solutions, positioning us as pioneers in the financial technology evolution.

  • Mobile Banking and Payment Solutions

  • Digital Lending Platforms

  • Digital Onboarding

  • Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

  • Remittance Solutions

  • UX Design

  • Core Banking Solutions

  • Digital and Neo Banks

  • Open platform API Integrations

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