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As we move closer to the ‘Banking 5.0’ revolution, banks and financial services companies need to elevate their digital capabilities.

Hence, we are working towards empowering banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFC) to transform their legacy core applications and digital channels.

Coreium helps organizations host global and highly scalable banking services and financial products. We consult our clients to design technological blueprints and develop legacy modernization strategies to build modern platforms. We strategically partner with global firms to transcend barriers, achieve exponential growth, outgrow legacy systems, and implement cutting-edge technologies with our custom-engineered solutions.

Coreium - Financial Services

Coreium was launched in 2020 by the banking maestro Niraj Sanghavi, with a vision to redesign composable and embedded financial technology platforms. Niraj built a team of visionary leaders and industry experts that offer a rare combination of strategic business acumen and technical knowledge.

Our efforts slowly snowballed into the mission to redefine the future of banking. As our journey started, the digital transformation was already causing a major impact on the global financial ecosystem. Today, in the world of business and commerce, borders are dissolving at an accelerated pace. But the evolution of financial technologies infrastructure has not been able to match the dynamic needs of its stakeholders across the globe. Coreium aims to fill this gap, by offering customized banking solutions and financial products to all its clients.

How can We Assist

We seek to be a strategic partner for banks, NBFCs, and fintech firms to develop a win-win relationship. We aim to help our clients build suitable use cases for their businesses and create value with our flexible and solutionoriented approach.



Information Gathering

Detailed understanding of the current
state and future requirements.




Deep dive into each of the identified work
streams to find potential solutions.



Solution / Strategy

Recommend options with their pros and
cons against the defined criteria.




Provide necessary oversight and support
to implement the selected option.