The word COREIUM is a combination of CORE & IUM. The CORE represents the fundamental driving force and central to existence. IUM indicates the setting where a given activity is carried out (e.g. Stadium or Auditorium). They also form the names of specific biological structures, chemical elements and metals (e.g. Titanium, Magnesium).

We are a team of professionals from backgrounds in banking and financial technology, business, and operations. Our core principle is technical and domain expertise. Collectively we have built platforms and managed technology solutions across almost all banking and financial services domains. Some of the areas of our strength include Core Banking, AML, Digital Banking, Wallets, Payments, Remittance, Credit Cards, Lending and Cash Management.

We empower futuristic financial services firms to grow exponentially by helping them break technology barriers to enable digital business growth.

  • Niche focus on financial services.
  • Efficient solutions that solve real problems.
  • Unparalleled expertise and experience.
  • Strategic partnership with our clients.
  • End-to-end ownership.
  • We are a niche firm focusing on financial technology services and solutions. We offer our services under three core pillars; IT Consulting, Application Services and Co-Managed Services.

    We offer these services across all range of financial services products covering Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Digital Banks, Neo Banks and FinTech. Refer to your services section for more details.

    Our clients are NBFCs, Banks and New Digital Banks. We cannot share the names of our clients on public domains due to confidentiality agreements; however, we will be happy to introduce them at a suitable time during our engagement.

    We offer our services globally and not restricted to any specific geography.