Coreium - The Journey Ahead

Fintech 05-Oct, 2022

Coreium was launched in 2020 with the mission to redefine the future of banking.

Today, in the world of business and commerce, borders are dissolving at an accelerated pace. But the evolution of financial technologies infrastructure has not been able to match the dynamic needs of its stakeholders across the globe. We aim to fill this gap, by offering customized banking solutions and financial products to all our clients.

We strive to be recognized as the technical experts in the financial services sector and aim to assist financial services firms with top-notch technological capabilities to help them achieve exponential business growth.

We have exciting plans for expansion in the near future. From customized financial products disrupting legacy platforms to overcoming roadblocks of the Monolithic Banking systems with our personalized key solutions, we are continuously evolving. We have already started building mission-critical platforms such as Mobile Wallets and Digital Banking solutions for our clients.

Simultaneously we are building a global FAAS model that will enable modern banks and financial services firms to collaborate, by leveraging open banking services. Additionally, the platform aims to help neo banks, digital banks, and traditional banks build, scale, and secure their business efficiently and rapidly.

Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation today. You may either email us at OR call us at +60 166173975.